All reviews will be my honest opinion in relation to my experience I have with the particular product. I will write based on personal experience. I will only be reviewing products suitable to my skin type and that works for me. It is my opinion and you could have a completely different experience with the product. Please keep this in mind. This is just my opinion use it or loses it.

Products reviewed on this blog will be bought with my own money. If I am gifted a product I will make reference to this in my blog. I am not being paid for the blog and the website is funded by myself , it recently had face lift and was redesigned by Lizna Erkelens from Pieces in Pink.

Images used on my blog are taken by me using a Sony Cybershot 6.0 Mega Pixels camera…….. Sorry not too much into techno stuff…..at least it’s not the old “mik en druk”



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