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    My Shopping Experience at Superbalist

    Hello Beauties,  I  received a voucher to experience shopping on the Superbalist website.  I have to confess I spent hours before I decided, even having top 5 picks I could still not decide. You can read my top 5 pick post here The experience was awesome and definitely one that I would like to share with you.  I placed my order on Sunday evening the 2nd October 2017. I received email confirming my order with estimated delivery 5 October 2017. The morning of the 4th October I received notification on the Superbalist App and SMS confirmation that my parcel is out for delivery. I was so excited and could not…

  • Lifestyle

    My Spring/Summer Sneaker Picks from Nike & Adidas

    Hello Beauties! Let’s kick spring off with some awesome kicks from Suberbalist. I went on a little online window shopping spree and lost my heart on a couple of Nike (click here)  and Adidas Original Sneakers (click here). I am more comfortable in a pair of sneakers than in any of my stunning heals that is currently being displayed on a shelf. This spring and summer there is nothing stopping you form wearing a pair of sneakers as they are so much more trendy. I reach for my sneakers very often as it all about comfort. You might think no-duh that is not a good suggestion but as you will…

  • Health and Weight loss Journey

    Making Health a Priority – Sharing my Personal Journey

    Hi Beauties, I have been thinking about starting a series related to health and weight. This will be more to track my progress and at the same time using this platform to share my journey with you. Weight has been a constant stumbling block in my life and as I just turned 45 on the 24th February I decided now it a good a time as any to start. My mom passed away on the 26th October 2016 and in three months since her passing, I gained 15kg.  Stress and grief is something that works differently for each and every person, my husband lost 10kg and he can’t afford to lose…

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    Oral Care – Elgydium Sensitive Toothpaste

    Hello Beauties,   There is always a first time for everything! I was selected by Rubybox to test the Elgydium toothpaste.   I received the two samples – A Whitening and Sensitive toothpaste and two samples to give to family or a friend which I forwarded to Lizna from WithElizabethH. I have been suffering with extremely sensitive teeth the last few months, I visited my dentist a few times and he could not find anything wrong except that my teeth have become extremely sensitive. My dentist recommended that I change my toothpaste. When the samples arrived it was the perfect opportunity for me to test the toothpaste for sensitive teeth first. My…

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    Who is Postbox Courier?

    Hello Beauties,   Let me introduce you to awesome revolutionary logistics company that will assist you to get access to brands/products that are not available South Africa……. I have a few on my wish list. Although some of these companies do ship to South Africa, the cost involved is so expensive and if you choose the cheaper shipping option i.e. snail mail via SA Post office it can take up to 9 months (not kidding, that’s how long it took one of my parcel to arrive) Alternatively you run the risk of your parcel going missing and not arriving at all. This is sad occurrence but unfortunately a reality in South…

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    AngleBerry Fro-yo Part 2

    Hello Beauties, So after my awesome tasting of the Fro-yo, Prudence prepared me a fresh Chocolate Feast Pancake. I have to confess I was in heaven. Chococlate, chocolate chocolate…………… mmmmh. The pancake was a double helping and it was so fluffy it reminded me of a cloud……….. It was topped with Nutella Gelato, Cream, Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Sprinkles. It was delicious, the nutella  hazelnut flavour just took the pancake to the next level   The Fresh pancakes are also available in other flavours: Sweet Maple Zesty and Sweet Banana Split Berry Bliss These are priced at R45 each for a two stack pancake! Lastly, they prepared Berry Burst from…

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