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Welcome, my name is Ilona.  I don’t think it is important to tell you how old I am……………… but hey it’s just a number, I am 44 and maybe it will give me a different perspective on review of products. I was born and raised in South Africa, and have lived in Gauteng all my live.  I am married and will be celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary in October and I have two beautiful boys (24 and 16) and three four legged girls two boxers and a basset.

I am an average mom/career women looking for that product that is going to change my world.

I am definitely doing this on a budget. I believe that the most important goal is to get my boys the best education that I can provide to equip them to go and conquer the world.

I enjoy trying out beauty product with the aim to find that product that I can’t do without. Important factor , it needs to be reasonable and affordable and easily accessible in South Africa. However bear with me…….. I will get carried away as I dream about products that are not available in SA or which do not fall within my budget. A girl can dream hey………. sight!!!!!

I have for a while dreamed about writing a blog about my personal experience on the products I have used and if I loved or regretted buying these products. I am going to fit writing this blog in between my career, studies and family……… not sure how much sleep I am going to manage but boy I am always ready for a challenge.

I am not a beauty guru or a makeup artist and my knowledge is mainly based on the researched I do on the wonderful tool called the World Wide Web. My writing skills might also fail me, just bear with me but I welcome any comments that will assist. I am going to write straight from the heart. I promise my readers that I will offer honest reviews based on my experience.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, please feel free to leave me comments.

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