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Oil Science Premium CBD Oil Range for Well-being of you and your pets

Oil Science Premium CBD Oil Range for Well-being of you and your pets

I was so excited when I was approached to work with Oil Science. Oil Science Premium CBD Oil is a Range for well-being. Since CBD Oil has been made available in South Africa so much has changed for me and my family. I know people are hesitant due to the fact that CBD is known to contain cannabis and there is this terrible stigma attached to this. Oil Science  Premium CBD Oil contains no THC or chemicals.

About Oil Science Premium CBD Oil:

Oil Science’s products are a blend of pure CBD Oil (containing no THC), high-quality Baobab oil extracts and a variety of all-natural scents. Working with world-class manufacturers, Oil Science products have been carefully developed and tested by scientists in controlled laboratory conditions. Oil Science products are GMP certified and go above and beyond industry standards to bring you the highest quality, vegan-friendly, ethically sourced products.

Oil Science

The Oil Science CBD Oil is 100% pure, 100% organic and 100% vegan. We are fully transparent about our products and business practices – that’s why we encourage you to “Know Your Source”.

Important Note

I am not, nor am I holding myself out to be a doctor/physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, advanced practice nurse, or any other medical professional. The information provided in this blog post is my personal experience and contain information that I have received from OilScience Premium CBD Oil and research that I have done.

Jasmin Story (Our Boxer)

We adopted two Boxers from Boxer Rescue 2016, we were allowed to adopt puppies as we tried to rescue but the boxers that we were matched with did not like Jenna our rescue basset. So when puppies were surrendered to Boxer Rescue they contacted us and we did not hesitate. We chose Jasmin (Brown) and they asked us to foster Zoey (Brindle) her sister.  With divine intervention and we were allowed to adopt both sisters and we were over the moon.

July this year we noticed that Jasmin is struggling to walk on her left back leg. We first thought that she might have hurt herself playing. I took her to the vet and he advised that there is swelling in the left-back knee. He said he was going to give her an injection and some medication but if it does not improve we should bring her back for Xray.

Struggling to walk

She was struggling to walk and she was not getting better not even with the medication. I was on leave the Friday and decided to take her back to the vet early in the morning. Well, this did not turn out well as there was no improvement and they were going to keep her for Xray’s. I have anxiety separation when I have to leave any of my pets at the Vet. I cried all the way home and was just praying that she will be fine. All was well and when I collected her they confirmed that she has severe arthritis. They gave her some medication to take daily.

Medication wasn’t working

Sadly the medication they gave her was only helping short term. She was in so much paid as it was also Winter which just made it worse. They all sleep in the house but when she woke up she could hardly walk.

During a meeting a colleague suggested that I consider CBD drops to manage her pain. I started researching as I m concerned that it might affect her adversely but I was looking for something to manage her pain. We started her on the CBD drops and there was an immediate improvement.  I was so happy that we manage to get her something to relieve the pain.

Why wasn’t it working?

One evening she woke me up and to my shock and horror, she was limping and was in so much pain. I was completely confused I could not understand why the drops seem to have stopped working. The evening after work we took her back to the Vet. Whilst in the consulting room waiting for the Vet, I said to Marius I am really concerned I don’t understand why the drops stopped working. Well, drum roll………………. he responded by saying he is not giving her the drops anymore. I was left speechless and my only response was what the hell why would you not be giving her the drops anymore? He casually responded that she was no longer in pain so he stopped the treatment.

On our way home I asked him if I should stop taking my Hypertension medication as I seem to be fine. He said no why would you do that? I asked him why he would not let me stop taking my chronic medication but he will stop her chronic medication. I explained that arthritis can’t be cured and that we should treat the inflammation and manage her pain.

He then agreed that it was not a good idea to stop her CBD drops and we started her back on CBD drops and we do not skip a day. A little expensive detour that could have been avoided.

My Story

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis for the last 10 years, it is also known as jogger’s heel or heel spur syndrome. Well, let me just put this out in the universe that I don’t jog/run so I am claiming heel spur syndrome.  You might be wondering what plantar fasciitis it is most commonly caused by repetitive strain injury to the ligament of the sole of the foot.

Orthopedic Surgeon

When I saw my Orthopedic Surgeon he explained that when I get off the bed in the morning I tear the ligaments under my sole and it causes inflammation. Some days it is so painful I cannot walk. However, the treatment he prescribed was to inject the sole of my feet with cortisone. I would normally sit in his room on the ice for an hour to numb my feet and then he will inject my feet. This treatment would only help for a couple of months and then I will be back for another set of injections, I also got custom inner sole to help with the strain.  I stopped the treatment but continue to wear my inner soles. However, it is difficult in the summer when I want to wear sandals.

I also have arthritis in my fingers and take chronic medication for it. when the limb gets inflammation I can hardly use my finger. The ring finger on my left hand.  Due to company policy, I am not allowed to take CBD drops orally so I never even considered using CBD drops. Being introduced to Oil Science range I found that they have a topical range I decided to dive headfirst and get CBD Rescue Gel and the CBD Rollerball.

How does CBD oil work?

Dr Alison Richardson, neurologist and spokesperson for Oil Science says that cannabinoids bind to receptors from the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is a system inside our own bodies. “The ECS regulates your anti-inflammatory response, immune system, appetite, mood, anxiety levels, sleep patterns and other body processes, based on inputs from outside influences,” she adds. “It helps to keep your body in homeostasis, which basically means keeping your internal system in equilibrium, despite what’s happening on the outside of the body, thus improving your overall well-being.”


There is a difference, and it’s vital. Although both hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, hemp has higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC (the psychoactive compound that makes you “high”) than a marijuana plant. In South Africa, only CBD products containing less than 0,001% THC concentration are legally allowed to be sold.

Dr Richardson says that it helps to think of pain as coming in three different flavours.

  • The first is neuropathic pain – defined as damage to a nerve (For example, Sciatica).

  • Then there is acute or nociceptive pain. This typically occurs as a result of an injury or damage to tissue/bone (for example, Arthritis, where bone rubs on bone).
  • Lastly, there is centralised pain, or nociplastic pain. This pain that is typically associated with conditions that have a chronic pain overlap such as Migraines or Fibromyalgia.


These days, people won’t buy cereal without knowing what’s in it, and the same should go for CBD.  You should always purchase your CBD from reputable CBD companies that publish certificates of analysis (or COA’s). This certificate tells you the quality of the CBD source, listing key information such as potency and solvents. All reputable CBD companies use, and publish COA’s to verify the quality of their products.


A surprisingly large number of people are blissfully unaware that CBD oil comes in varying degrees of strength and quality. Generally speaking, there are two types of CBD oil.

  • Raw: the type of oil is black/dark green in appearance, because it has been extracted from raw hemp material, and no further purification process has been implemented. You can be sure that this will contain plant matter, varying amounts of THC and chlorophyll.
  • Filtered: This comes in a lovely light golden/amber colour and has undergone both decarboxylation and filtering processes, removing parts of the plant that were leftover from the initial extraction process. If you want to look at things in a more translatable way, high-grade CBD oil (like the Oil Science brand) is like a fine brandy, in so far as it has been triple distilled for purity.


We all love a bargain. But it definitely pays to know what you are buying. Doing an online simple search for “CBD oil”, hundreds of results would pop up at the click of a button. Just walking in the mall there is a counter around every corner that sell CBD products.

Sounds fantastic right? Well, the fact of the matter is that the majority of these products are likely to be cheap, low-quality oils that probably won’t offer much more therapeutic benefits. It could just as well be the cold-pressed olive oil sitting in your kitchen cabinet. By simply ‘knowing your source’, you can save yourself loads of money, time and frustration. When in doubt, always consider quality over affordability.

Overall Experience

My experience:

Every morning when I wake up I apply the Oil Science Premium CBD Oil, CBD Rescue Gel on the bottom of my feet. Since starting this treatment I no longer suffer from aching feet. Although I am still on medication for my arthritis it’s occasionally flare-up.  I applied a little oil and have pain relief within minutes.

You might be thinking yeah sure, whatever!

Sharing is Caring

But let me share some of my rollerball stories. I always keep my rollerball in my handbag. A colleague at work started complaining about the pain in her knee and was looking for so an anti-inflammatory medication. I told her I have the rollerball and I would recommend her rubbing some on her knee. Well within 20 min she could not feel the pain anymore. She kept asking me how this was possible and all I could say was it’s “liquid gold”.


Another colleague also suffers from arthritis, her finger was swollen and red and she was in so much pain. I gave her the roller-ball and within in minutes the inflammation had settled down and she had no more pain. Both these colleague ordered the rollerball. I ordered an extra one as I wanted to do a giveaway with. When the order arrived at the office I had another colleague begging me to sell him my extra rollerball.

Marius’ experience:

Marius has been suffering from back pain and experienced so much pain relief after starting treatment. He discussed his results with his colleague and they both ordered an Oil Science Premium CBD Oil Rescue Gel.  Marius is also taking the 1000mg CBD Drops to assist with his pain management.

Jasmin’s experience:

Jasmin gets her 50mg Oil Science CBD Drops with her food in the morning and it is managing her pain. When it rains she still limps and then I just rub some Oil Science Rescue Gel on her knee. This has definitely improved her quality of life.

Final Thoughts on Oil Science – Premium CBD Oil

Well, let me just start by saying that on Black Friday I placed a huge order. Within two weeks of starting the treatment, I have placed another order, these orders were paid by myself however I did use the discount code that Oil Science gave me Ilonique25. This code was only valid for the

This is the best solution for me and my family. Jasmin is doing so much better and it is such a pleasure to not have constant pain in my feet. Oil Science is a gift that I can give myself and my family to be pain-free.

Oil Science – Premium CBD Oil Giveaway

I decided to do a small giveaway if you would like to stand a chance to win 300mb CBD Extract oil you can head over to my Instagram page @ilonique to enter competition closes on the 31st December 2019.

Pricing and Contact Details

You can visit the Oil Science website (click here) to view the different products and pricing. Oil Science has an awesome monthly subscription option that gives you a 45% discount when you subscribe. If you would like to read more about this option you can click here

Disclosure Ranking  3, 6,  – Please click here to view the full policy.

Ilona Fourie

Welcome, my name is Ilona. I’m a 40 and fabulous Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. I was born and raised in South Africa, and have lived in Gauteng all my live. I am married and I have two beautiful boys (25 and 17) and three four legged girls two boxers and a basset.

Find me on: Web | Twitter | Facebook


  1. Candice Piek
    30 December 2019 / 07:42

    Thank you for this post.

    I have been suffering terribly with bursitis in my ankle and can barely walk when I get up in the mornings. I struggle during the day with walking and exercising is so painful.

    This gives me HOPE.

    I also love that my pets can benefit too from these products as my sausage dogs are 15 and 13 and I can see their age is catching up to them, so would love to ease the pain as well.

    • 1 January 2020 / 12:21

      Hi Candice, it definitely works so well for us. Last night we gave them some drops to just keep them relaxed with all the fireworks and they settled down so much easier. OilScience CBD is the best!

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