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Gear4 Mobile Covers with D3O® Technology

Gear4 Mobile Covers with D3O® Technology

So I have been very intrigued with mobile phone covers since I got my Samsung S9+ and the Gear4 with D3O® Technology. This technology is definitely a winner in my opinion. Fashion is definitely at the top but the Gear4 with D3O® technology encompasses both my requirements.

About Gear4

Founded in 2006, Gear4 is the Number One Best-Selling impact protection case brand in the UK. In 2015, Gear4 partnered with D3O® to create world-leading impact protection products for consumer electronics. Gear4 has a proven track record of creating world-leading products. Gear4 pride themselves on constantly delivering unique, well-designed products that protect your most precious devices.

About D3O®

D3O® is the World’s Leading Impact Protection Material developing groundbreaking protective wear and shock absorbing materials. The UK based company currently supplies leading brands in the electronics, sport, motorcycle, industrial work wear, law enforcement and military protection markets.

D3O® is an impact absorbing material trusted worldwide by pro-athletes, including Usain Bolt (Enertor insoles), for protective sports gear. This technology gives Gear4 an unrivalled tough protection without any extra bulk, making them stylish, light & easy to slip into a run belt or armband. D3O® material in its raw state flows freely but on shock, locks together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state. This counter-intuitive reaction means the greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection.

D3O® Raw Material

I was fortunate to be able to touch the raw material and I was amazed. The raw D3O® feels like play dough, it is soft and very flexible. I decided to do a little experiment, I covered my hand with the raw D3O® and took the hammer and hit my hand. A little hesitant all I could think about was I want to confirm that this technology will protect my phone so let me see what will happen to my hand. I did not feel any pain, it felt like I was just tapping my pen against my hand. The D3O® absorb the impact of the hammer and I was in awe.

After my research, I decided to do some online shopping. I ordered the Feathers designed on Black Friday. This cover combines the best of the technology with a flair for my style which is the perfect cover for my Samsung S9+.

Victoria Range

The Victoria cases are available in four different styles – Fabric, Jungle, Tribal Leaf and Space, the designs combine a cool, contemporary aesthetic with market-leading protection.

The Victoria cases design is influenced by:

  • Patterns of nature,
  • Organic and geometric and
  • The key colour rose gold and blush.

Each design for the Victoria range employs a different colour scheme and style which in line with Gear4’s trademark design. The combination of the gorgeous designs with market-leading protection, these cases have been created for everyday use.

They are stunning and very contemporary looking. The range is compatible with:

  • Wireless charging
  • Drop resistant up to 3m (10ft)

Pricing and Availability

The new Gear4 Victoria range for the new iPhone range of cases will be available from and selected Vodacom and MTN stores for the recommended retail price ranging from R529 to R899. I have however placed my order online from and it retails for €34.99 (R575.42) with free international shipping. With picking the cover up on Black Friday I only paid R389.69.

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