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Unique Skin Care KuriAmé

Unique Skin Care KuriAmé

I would love to introduce you to unique skincare range, KuriAmé, developed in South African by a South African scientist. A Greater Power ensured that this product crossed my path. Things had been though and I felt loss. You probably think……what is she talking about, how does this relate to skincare? The meaning of the name KuriAmé had a message for me. It is a combination of two words.


Kurios and Amen

Kurious meaning belonging to God

Amen to Agree

Why is KuriAmé Uniquely Different

It was developed in South Africa, KuriAmé uses Aloe extracts as a base for this range and enriches the products with remarkable actives such as; Matrixyl3000, Energen, Tritisol, Liquorice extract, to name but a few.

KuriAmé can be set apart from other skincare brands in that there are NO PRESERVATIVES or colourants added to the products in this range. Only a few drops of natural rose oil are used to scent the products. This makes the range hypo-allergenic, incredibly safe and suitable to almost any skin type. Even the most sensitive skins use it with great success.

Aloe Anti-Ageing

KuriAmé contains aloe which has properties of  anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and powerful anti-oxidant. Specifically designed to refine and prevent wrinkles caused by the harsh African sun. It utilizes the natural ingredients from African flora and amplifying what is already a wonder of creation. Clinical trials proved that it reduce wrinkles and improve all-over condition of the skin after only four weeks.

KuriAmé not only optimises skin health by working with the natural processes of the skin, but also significantly delays the onset of ageing. Let’s be honest it is never too early to start taking proper care of your skin. Sad reality though is that we only start looking  after our skin when we discover wrinkles.

Special Ingredient Matrixyl3000

Matrixyl 3000 is an incredible anti-aging peptide comprised of two proteins. Protein is part of the building block of our cells. It helps them communicate with one another increasing younger looking skin. Studies using product in with Matrixyl 3000 had shown a 45% decrease in wrinkles over a two month period. In simple terms, Matrixyl3000 stimulates the metabolism of the  cells to create better collagen and elastin faster.

The Range

Contains of 5 step programme:

Amé Cleanser

Toning Elixir

Aloe Plasm +

Rejuvi Serum

Ré Activer


Have you heard of KuriAmé? Stay tuned for my journey and result!

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