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Zagg Invisible Shield Screen Protector

Zagg Invisible Shield Screen Protector

Mobile phones are so expensive and it can be even more expensive when you accidentally drop the phone or scratch the screen. ZAGG InvisibleShield is a perfect way to protect your mobile phone screen. You probably thinking why I should spend the money but it protects your phone but I can give you so many reasons your head will probably spin.

Let me share some of my personal experience before we talk about the ZAGG InvisibleShield covers.

I collected a colleague from the airport. When we stopped at the office we were having a discussion, I showed her something on my phone, her phone was on her lap and when she got out my car it fell face down on the ground. My heart dropped into my shoes, she picked it up screen was not cracked just scratched but only half the screen was working. She handed her phone in at the Cellular store close to work and they confirmed she can collect it before her flight that afternoon. This drop cost her R2 000 and they replaced her screen for a second time in a week. Replacing two screens could have been avoided if she just originally paid to protect her screen.

I upgraded my cellular contract and got the Samsung S9+. Welcome my precious I was so excited. However I did not have money to get a screen protector when I collected my S9+.  Two weeks later I was sitting at my desk and low and behold I realised that there are scratches on the screen. This caused immediate anxiety. My first thought was I did not want to use the phone. I discussed with Marius and we agreed that I can go and get a protector but my budget was limited. I visited a cellular shop and the sales representative only had a silicone one. Being desperate to protect my phone on a budget I bought the silicone shield setting me back R200.

Now for the shocker drum roll please ……. as I was driving home that afternoon I realised that I no longer have the screen protector on my phone. WAIT WHAT! I was confused where could it be? Well I realised when I got home when was walking to my car the new silicone cover got stuck on my scarf and pulled off. Well that was a waste of my money and I still had scratches on my phone and no protection for my screen!

I was then introduced to ZAGG InvisibleShield and I have to admit now I am sold on this screen protector. In my opinion this is the only way to protect your phone.

The benefit of the ZAGG InvisibleShield:

  • Shock Absorbent Layer
  • Precision touch sensitivity
  • Full secure fit adhesive



Custom Curved Fit

Meticulously curved edges offer a precise case-friendly fit ideal for curved screens.

Impact & Scratch Protection

The shock-absorbent layer helps prevent the impact of a fall or drop from reaching your screen. Perfect for those butter finger moments when the phone just seem to drop out your hands for no reason at all. I suspect the scratches on my phone happened in my handbag. I know the shame but I carry everyting and then some in that handbag.

Precision Touch Sensitivity

Full screen adhesive preserves touch sensitivity so your phone responds immediately to every tap and swipe. No change to performance on my touch sensitivity since I installed the protector. I am actually going to set the sensitivity down.

Smooth Silky Feel

Smooth tempered glass and precisely curved edges feature design that’s ahead of the curve.

Smudge Resistant

A long-lasting, smudge-resistant design helps keep fingerprint from accumulating. This is awesome as I am forever cleaning fingerprint’s off my screen. I will even just spend the money on ZAGG InvisibleShield protector for this reason.

Easy Application:

The patented EZ apply tabs makes application simple and accurate.

Limited Lifetime Warranty ∞

The ZAGG InvisibleShield comes with a ∞ Limited Lifetime Warranty

If your ZAGG InvisibleShield ever becomes scratched, worn, or damaged while protecting your device, they offer a free Invisble Shield replacement for as long as your own your device. Returning the original InvisibleShield is required. The detail on how to register is contained in the box.


Installing my ZAGG Invisible Shield

So I got both the Samsung S9+ and the Samsung S7 Invisible Shield. I watch the below video to on how to install the ZAGG InvisibleShield for my Samsung S9+ and it also assisted with the S7 application as well.

Instruction Video

To install the ZAGG InvisibleShield was easy although I was so nervous. The tools they provide are perfect and following the instruction in the video link above just make installation so much easier. I have to admit getting rid of the air bubbles was a tiny bit tricky but I managed.

Box contains:

  • InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite
  • EZ Apply tray
  • Instructions (video makes is so much easier)
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Cleaning Wipe
  • Application Squeegee
  • Dust Remover Sticker

Where can you buy ZAGG InvisibleShield

They are available for purchase online from ZAGG click here for €44.99 (± R710) with free delivery to South Africa. You can also visit Vodacom and MTN stores nationwide.There is also some stock available at TakeaLot click here to view priced from R429 for the IPhone covers


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