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Unique South African Father’s Day Gift Guide

Unique South African Father’s Day Gift Guide

So we all know that Father’s Day is on the 17 June 2018. Why not take your gifting to another level and get your dad Unique South African Father’s Day Gift. I have been surfing the web and found some great gift ideas that kicks father’s day gifting up a notch.

Dad’s are simple creatures, if you get him a father’s day card you probably have done your job, but if you get him a gift you are his hero!

Good Threads – Bamboo Socks

These are stunningly incredible socks crafted in high-quality eco-conscious way.

The socks are bold, loud and colourful and are made from bamboo fibre. That is so awesome don’t you think? They take their brand to another level and their packaging is made 70 – 90% recovered materials & printed with vegetable-based ink reducing impact on the environment.


The socks are currently retailing for R165, but they are running Father’s Day special until evening of Saturday 16th. It is a site-wide 20% discount on all products. You make you purchase choices by selecting which socks you like and then go to the checkout page. On the checkout page there will be a discount box where you should use the code: DAD2018

You can order dad some bold sock on the Good Thread website click here

SoyLites Limited Edition Candle

Why not take Dad on an aromatic journey through the East with just the strike of a match, with the new, limited edition Oud Orient moisturising candle from SoyLites.

Oud is a fragrant resin and wood of the rare Agar tree and has been used for centuries throughout the East as a highly prized ingredient in perfumes. It has a complex aromatic scent, blending the smoky notes of musk with the warm, earthy sweetness of wood.

For its latest candle launch, SoyLites has taken this heady scent and added to it a hint of amber oil. This honey-like, rich scent uplifts and calms the mind (and is even said to stimulate the libido).  Like all SoyLites candles, the limited edition Oud Orient candle is made from 100% natural, cosmetic-grade soybean oil. It is free of any GMOs, chemicals, parabans and petroleum ingredients, and is officially endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty.

The Oud Orient also does double duty as both a fragrant candle and a luxurious moisturising oil. Dad simply dips a finger into the pool of warm oil around the wick and applies the oil directly to his skin, for a nourishing, scented skin treatment packed with anti-oxidant vitamin E and restorative lecithin.

The Oud Orient candle comes in a sleek, dark charcoal, 220 ml glass tumbler, and retails for a suggested price of R240. In celebration of Father’s Day, receive a free Oud For Men Natural Lip Balm with every purchase of a Oud Orient SoyLites Candle. Offer valid until 30th June 2018.

You can order dad the Orient SoyLites Candle SolyLites website click here 

Buffelsfontein Baard-olie

If you dad is sporting a beard or moustache the Buffelsfontein Baard-olie is just what he has possibly been looking for. A very unique South African brand.

If your dad sports a beard he love a few things in live, his wife, his bakkie and his beard. He will therefore buy chocolate for your mom, diesel for his bakkie and Buffelfontein Baard-olie for his beard.
Why not spoil him this Farther’s Day with one of the gift from the Buffelfontein Baard-olie website click here


What’s Your Moonshot – John Sanei

This I did not find on the website, I attended the Conference and the speaker was John Sanei, author of What’s your Moonshot.  I got a copy and this awesome book. I would highly recommend getting your Dad one. Life has been tough for the last two years, but after listening to John decoding the mega-trends that are reshaping human behaviour and they way we do business and the way we live of our lives I had a new outlook and positive feeling. I could not wait to get home to read his book and I was not disappointed.

Cal Fussman, New York Time Bestselling Author

“The end of the old way is not doomsday. It’s a climb up a new mountain. 

And when you think like John thinks, it’s a beautiful climb”


The book is available at TakeALot for R250 click here


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