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SoyLites Candles – Retail Studio Linden

SoyLites Candles – Retail Studio Linden

I have the most exciting news about SoyLites Candles, they have opened retail studio in Linden.

What is SoyLites

Oh my word if you do not know about Soylites they are the most amazing soy candles scented with evocative aromatherapy notes.

SoyLites soy candles are scented with pure essential oils. The essential oils they use in their candles are not disguised as ‘natural’ for the sake of reducing costs. Burning SoyLites candles will give you the aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils. The room in which the candle is burned will be filled with a delightful aromatic scent. The aromatic scent is never overpowering. The SoyLite candles melts at a low temperature. This forms a pool of oil that you can use to apply to the skin. The oil is safe to apply to the skin and has the most amazing moisturing properties.

I have an obsession with hand cream and I just love the Soylite candles in the winter.

Benefit of Soy Candles

  • Burn cleaner and longer: Burns twice as long as a paraffin candle
  • Melts at a low temperature, forming a pool of oil, making it safe to apply to the skin
  • Contain pure soybean oil wax which is naturally rich in vitamin E & lecithin
  • Safe & nourishing for use on the skin
  • Application of SoyLites candles aids in the treatment of dry hands and skin, cracked heels and cuticles, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin & other skin ailments
  • Best quality pure cotton wicks
  • Reusable glass & metal containers
  • Cleans easily if spilt
  • Biodegradable & earth friendly


Soylite opened a beautiful airy retail space. They stock all my favourite SoyLites treats. Signature moisturising soy oil candles, new ranges of scented coconut oil candles and luxurious skin-nourishing balms and body butters.

Why don’t you pop in to Shop 3, Linden View on 1st Avenue, Linden from 8:00 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00, and find your favourite pampering product. You will qualify for a 20% off your first purchase if you bring along my blog post, this discount is available until the end of Auguts 2018.

SoyLites is gentle on the environment, you will also receive a 10% discount off your purchase when you bring in any old SoyLites glass candle container for recycling.

Candle & Sketching Classes

The retail studio will be hostibg candle-making workshops and sketching classes for the artistically inclined. Definately keep your eye on the local press for details.


Those not close to the Retail Studio in Linden can go online to locate their nearest SoyLites supplier, or buy online click here


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