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Vitamin IV Infusion – Beauty & Curves

Vitamin IV Infusion – Beauty & Curves

I was invited to experience the new health fashion Vitamin IV Infusion at Beauty & Curves.

Beauty & Curves is a medical and aesthetic clinic that prides itself in providing long-term non-invasive, non-chemical treatments to naturally enhance your appearance, you can relax for an hour and there is a promise that you will leave feeling healthy and hydrated.

My first reaction was will they find a vain? This set in some panic but the promise of leaving feeling healthy and hydrated sounds pretty awesome to me. Maybe this is just what I need, I have been taking Vitamins but I am still tired. I believe my body is run down and a boost to my immune system is just what I need to turbocharge my energy levels.

Vitamin IV infusions have become a popular lifestyle trend among celebrities both internationally and locally. IV Vitamin Therapy is not “new” – 57 years ago, Johns Hopskin physician Dr. John Myers formulated and injectable cocktail of key vitamins that could assist with number of conditions.

Interesting Fact

I did some research and the body only digest and absorb 50% of vitamins and their benefits when taken orally. Vitamin IV infusion is believed to actually the most efficient way to re-hydrate and revitalise the body, as it administers the vitamins straight into the bloodstream.

What is Vitamin IV Infusions

“Intravenous (IV) therapy or Infusion therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants directly into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies and help numerous health concerns. A few of the conditions that may be helped using IV nutrition techniques include hypertension, asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, hepatitis and even the common cold”

My Experience

I arrived at the Beauty & Curves rooms. I was asked to complete a form similar to the one you would complete at a GP rooms. Which was not strange as I was going to be seeing a Doctor before the IV Drip is put in. I was then taken into a small room with two chairs and two IV Stands. The nurse came in and placed a small Saline Drip on the stand.

I waited a while before Dr Fatima Bhabha joined me and I had a consultation with her. She made notes just like my normal GP would confirm all my chronic medication and then we discussed what I would like to archive from the IV Infusion Drip. Dr Bhabha advised that she would recommend that I focus on the Vitamin Drip that will assist with my energy levels and she confirmed this will improve my energy levels for the next 6 weeks.

I advised her that it might be difficult to find a vain, not that I am scared but they are never around when need to or want to get a IV. She assured me that I should not to be stressed.  Dr Bhabha took the Saline Drip and confirmed that she will be preparing the drip for me based on my consultation and will be back shortly to insert the IV. When she returned to the room the Saline Drip colour change to a bright yellow and she confirmed that it is as a result of the vitamins that she inserted.

Why is Saline Solution Used?

Saline solution is a mixture of sodium chloride in water and has a number of uses in medicine. By using saline as the basis of a IV Infusion drip it dilute the vitamins and has hydration properties. This allows the vitamins to be administered slowly over a period of hour into the body.

Administering of IV Infusion Drip?

Dr Bhabha started looking for a vein and this is where the fun started. No child playing hide and seek can hide as well as my veins. She tried on my right hand…… no luck. Moved over to my left hand, got excited as she thought she found one of them to only be disappointed after inserting the needle, nope they were not having any of this needle business. Dr Bhabha then moved back to my right arm and found a vein in bend of my arm. A little awkward for me to take pictures once it was inserted but I was here to get energy infusion not snap away. I  experienced a warm sensation as the IV was administered and Dr Bhabha confirmed that I will taste the drip and on cue there was the taste.

It took about 45 minutes for the drip to complete and then the nurse came into the room and removed the ‘butterfly’ needle. She put this funky blue plaster on and then I was ready to leave.

My Energy Levels

Day 1

Immediately after I had the IV Infusion drip I felt tired but Dr Bhabha did warn me I might feel tired.  I spend the day window shopping and when I got home I had an abundance of energy. 10PM and I was still awake and this is not normal for me.

Day 2 to 4

I woke up refreshed and not tired. I worked late the rest of the week and my energy levels improved.

Day 5 – 6

This was definitely the test, I work long hours and all I want to do is sleep over the weekend. Not that I can afford to do that as I have so much to do. I did not spend sleeping my weekend away. Energy levels restored and I am so happy.

Day 7 – 13

I am so impressed with how my energy levels have improved. Getting home from work in the evening is a pleasure. I do not plan my exit strategy as soon as I get home, prepare supper and spend time with my family. Two evenings I also worked until 11pm and I did not feel like I have been hit by a train the next morning.

Overall Thoughts

Would I go for another Vitamin IV Infusion drip, and without a shadow of a doubt yes. I cannot believe how much more energy I have. I have my hop skip and jump back. Not that I can skip and jump anymore (due to my age and busted knee) but my energy levels are restored. Feels like I can hug everybody to share my energy.


IV Infusion drips cost between  R950 – R1800


Beauty & Curves is a tranquil and peaceful setting and is situated at 23 Nicol Road, Bedfordview
Tel: (011) 6157214
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