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Fanola – I Lost My Heart on a Silver Shampoo

Fanola – I Lost My Heart on a Silver Shampoo

Hi Beauties,  in my early thirties, to my absolute horror, grey hair decided to make an appearance. My first reaction was to pull them out but that was definitely not the solution. So I resorted in spending lots of money at the salon covering up the grey hair, however that is also not the solution as it is so expensive to maintain.

About a year ago I made a decision to start embracing my grey hair as it is here to stay! I slowly started transitioning from dark brown to blond. I believe that grey hair could be camouflaged by blond much easier than the dark brown hair I was sporting. But with blond came another frustration, damage and undesirable yellow hues. I started visiting the salon less frequently to allow my hair to recover but oh my……..  I started getting frustrated as my grey hair made me feel dull and washed out.


So I have been trying all the Silver Shampoos I could find but none was giving me the result that I was looking for. That was until my friend Lizna from With Elizabeth H stumbled across a advert for Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. I had to hear about this shampoo for weeks non stop until it arrived. You can head to her blog and read her review as well.

The rest is history, it was a match made in heaven and I fell head over heals in love with the shampoo.


What does Fanola No Yellow Shampoo do?

Fanola No Yellow shampoo is  a purple shampoo that contains a deep purple pigment that counteracts my hair brassiness. It neutralizes my grey hair helping me maintain a beautiful rich silver colour.

How does silver shampoo work?

Purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so when they’re mixed, they off-set each other for a more neutral shade. When applied to your hair the purple pigment is absorbed, and the violet hues neutralise the undertones leaving your hair with a beautiful colour.


How to use the Shampoo?

I only use the shampoo twice a week. It is recommended that you leave it on between 3 – 5 min.  But I don’t use with caution and have tempted fate and escaped with a beautiful purple hue that reminded me of my gran. But leaving in as directed I achieve a cool white silver shade that is the craze at the moment.


Fanola Restructuring Mask

The Fanola Restructuring Mask is just as amazing as the shampoo. The smell reminders me of candy I had as a child…. remember the good old days before my grey hair made their appearance.

The mask has nourishing and has a de-tangling action leaving the hair soft and nourished. It is enriched with milk proteins and is excellent for dry and frizzy hair. My health of my hair has also improved.



If you would like to purchase the Fanola you can visit What Women Want Website all the pricing and availability is on their website.

Important Note: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services which have been mentioned in this post. the products reviewed in the post has been purchased by me.

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Ilona Fourie

Welcome, my name is Ilona. I’m a 40 and fabulous Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. I was born and raised in South Africa, and have lived in Gauteng all my live. I am married and I have two beautiful boys (25 and 17) and three four legged girls two boxers and a basset.

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  1. Nadene
    16 October 2017 / 07:18

    I have been getting grey’s sinceI turned 20. Love this post & thanks for sharing.

    • 16 October 2017 / 08:46

      Thank you so much for the feedback Nadene, you should really give this shampoo a try. Every time I use it I am amazed at how beautiful my hair looks 🙂

  2. Sonja
    19 March 2018 / 17:29

    Hi there, I’m so happy to have found your blog and testimony of Fanola, it’s nice to see real people using and trying something and giving useful feedback.
    Please may I ask you to send me the info so I can contact them and order the shampoo, I tried the link and it said “page not found”
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks again for a lovely read!
    Regards Sonja 🙂

  3. Tracy
    6 May 2020 / 07:56

    Hi. I ordered the Fanola no yellow shampoo and conditioner in your site and paid by EFT and emailed proof of payment. I have not had any confirmation of receipt or communication regarding a delivery date. Please could you respond. I am now unsettled and wonder if this is a hoax site

    • 5 June 2020 / 08:58

      Hi Tracy, I am a tiny bit confused there is no way that you could have ordered the Fanola shampoo and conditioner on my site. Please note this is a blog and I do not sell anything I only review products. If you followed the link in my blog post please contact What Women Want. If you read my blog post you would have seen that I make reference to “South African supplier’s Facebook page” which I have now updated with the website detail. I did not claim that I am a supplier. If you still have not received your product I would recommend that you contact the supplier directly. You can click on this link and contact the supplier via her website

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