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RCMA No-Color Powder

RCMA No-Color Powder

Hello Beauties!

On my wishlist for my birthday was the RCMA No-color powder. I was looking for a setting powder that will help me set my makeup but would not change the undertone of my foundation. I have tried the Ben Nye Banana Powder but this was not suited to my skin as the undertone was a little too yellow.

RCMA No-Color Powder is described on the packaging as perfect universal setting powder for all skin types. No-Color Powder contains no pigment, no perfume, no filters and will not alter your foundation shade or natural skin tone.

RCMA No-Color Powder Ingredients

The ingredients listed on the package is Talc and Silica however the full list of ingredients can be viewed on the RCMA website click here 


The packaging is very basic. It is a plastic bottle with a sifter cap which is very awkward to use, it’s messy so I decant it into an old setting powder container.

Texture and Application:

The powder looks and feel like “corn-starch”, really smooth with silicone-like softness. It feels very silky to the touch.


The powder does not have any colour, it is white in the container  but when I applied it to my skin there is no colour.


When applied it leaves my skin with a matte finish which is perfect for my oily skin. I have a quite a few wrinkles under my eyes but it does not emphases them. The powder helps the foundation and concealer not sink into my fine lines and this makes them less visible and it also has a blurring effect.

Makeup Flashback

What is makeup flashback. This is white marking that appears on photos where makeup was set by powder that are normally labelled as “HD”.  I have done multiple flash test and there has been no flashback on my photos.

Where can you Purchase 

The RCMA No Color Powder is available from  MuseBeauty  and  Samika for R420

Would I recommend this powder, yes this is definitely this is currently my favourite setting powder.

Have you tried the RCMA setting powder?

Ilona Fourie

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  1. Lizelle
    8 October 2018 / 17:19

    Thanks for the RCMA powder review. I saw it on a make up tutorial by Wayne Goss on his YouTube channel. Apparently this powder can prevent make up from smearing onto your phone or anywhere else. I have oily skin hopefully it will help me. Here is the link of how to stop foundation coming off on your phone by Wayne Goss:

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