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Real vs FAKE Urban Decay Naked Palette

Real vs FAKE Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hello Beauties,

I have really been concerned about people on social media selling fake makeup. How do I know without purchasing from them you might ask? The first rule is if it is too good to be true it is fake.

One of the brands that I have had an obsession with has been Urban Decay, and it is with great relief that they are now available in South Africa. The first store opened at Stuttafords in Sandton City and the second in Foschini at Eastgate, you can also order a few products from the online store.  The cult favourite has always been the Naked Palettes’ and sadly these are an obscene amount of fake palette being sold on Instagram.

My 1st Naked palette was the Naked 3. Our company had a branch in US and I was fortunate to get a delivery from one of colleagues when he came for a business trip. My second palette was the Naked Palette, my husband’s boss and his wife were in US for holiday and I asked her to please bring me the palette and the Naked 2 was a gift and it completed my collection.


You might ask yourself why I should be worried about what other people are doing but it is the danger that is contained in the palettes that concerns me and unsuspecting buyers.

One of the biggest problem is that the fake palettes are so close to the original palettes and it is becoming difficult to spot the difference when you do not have the original palette to compare against. Some of the sellers on social media are selling them for a ridiculous price (R200) but some are just a little bit cheaper than getting them at the Urban Decay store.  The real palette retails for R850.

It is so easy to be tempted to purchase these fake/counterfeit palette at this reduced price, but you must not forget you apply this to you face/skin and it can cause serious illness/skin irritation, maybe you will not have an immediate reaction but the long term use of these products can cause serious harm to you.

The Daily Mail purchased some fake (counterfeit) makeup and had it tested you can go read the article click here. The results were distributing to say the least:

  • Fake makeup products have up to 19 times the legal limit of lead in them. This can cause:
    • Cause lead poisoning
    • Memory loss
    • Joint and muscle pains
    • Headaches
    • Pregnant women has risk of miscarriage or premature birth
  • Street educated people are mixing up the ingredient for the makeup. They do not care what goes in as long as it looks like the real thing.
  • Fake/counterfeit makeup is not made under controlled standards. There is zero quality control that can lead to products containing bacteria which can be so harmful to you.

 You are probably wondering why I have a fake palette to review if I am so against fake/counterfeit makeup. I was visiting my friend Nisa from Belle BluSHH to take some blog photos.  I wanted to do a review on my Naked palette and she gave me a fake Naked palette suggesting that I do a review to compare the two. Even if this blog post only deters a few of my readers to not consider supporting fake/counterfeit makeup this blog post will be worth it. You can also click here to read Nisa view on fake makeup.


I unfortunately do not have the outside packaging of both or the brush of the fake palette to compare.

If you look at the palettes you will see that the real palette is a richer darker brown whilst the fake one is a faded brown. They both have a suede finish but the real palette feels more luxurious. The word “Naked” is embossed in gold on the outside of the palette. Comparing the two palettes you will see that the fake palette gold is not as intense and although Nisa has not used the palette some embossing is rubbed off.

When comparing the back of the palettes you can see the difference immediately.

The real palette wording is centred, beauty with an edge® Bulk made in USA and assembled in Dominican Republic. The brush is listed as made in China

The fake palette wording is centred but it stretches from side to side of the palette. Beauty with an edge  and not the ®  registered trade mark sign as the original. The fake palette make reference to a Eye pencil and Eyeshadow Primer Potion which is not contained in the palette, I believe the 1st Naked palette came with a eye pencil and not a brush.


When you open the palettes on the real palette the wording Naked is perfectly centred below the mirror and the  “A” is perfectly on the fold of the palette. The gold lettering is also bolder and it has the same strong gold colour as the outside of the palette.

The fake palette is not perfectly centred below the mirror. The “A” is above the fold and the lettering is much thinner and widely spaced.

The font size of the shades in the original palette is slightly bigger font than the fake palette which is the palette featured at the top.


The real palettes has serial number on the side (as all my Urban Decay palettes), when you compare the real and fake palette you will notice the difference immediately. The fake palette does not seem to be made of a good quality product and it is creased. The real palette finishes  is perfectly rounded and the fake palette is sharp and flimsy.


The real palette has square magnets and the fake palette has circular magnets.


I did side by side swatches of the two palettes and the pigment is lacking on the fake palette as well as some of the shade are not the same colour compared side by side.

I hope this review has been informative, please stay safe beauties, think twice before you spend you hard earned money on fake/counterfeit makeup.


Till next time


Ilona Fourie

Welcome, my name is Ilona. I’m a 40 and fabulous Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. I was born and raised in South Africa, and have lived in Gauteng all my live. I am married and I have two beautiful boys (25 and 17) and three four legged girls two boxers and a basset.

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