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    Birthday Wishlist 2018

    Hello Beauties, So here we are in February again, the month of love and also my birthday month. I will be turning 46 this month and this is the second year that I do not feel like celebrating my birthday. My awesome friends Lizna, Melissa and Melanie have decided on my behalf that I will celebrate. So who am I to say no?! At the Top of my 2018 wishlist is Sage and Salt. You probably thinking what the heck? Is she crazy! Well I need Sage and Salt to help me as everything is going haywire and that is I why I have not been able to blog. One…

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    Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II and Giveaway

    Hi Beauties, today I will be reviewing one of my favourite brands Tarte Cosmetics.  I ordered the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II and decided to get an extra one to do a giveaway with. I just have to share the love. Packaging: The eye shadow is in a circular container has a purple and blue coral reef design with the rim and underside being luxurious gold packaging. Inside is a full-sized mirror and with the packaging is very sturdy. Formula: The palette has cool-toned shades with a mixture of luster and mattes shadows. It is a crease-free eye shadow with a creamy powder formula. It is described on the…

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    October Favourites

    Hi  Beauties,  I can’t believe we are at the end of October, I though what good way to end this month than to look at my favourites for October. I found some awesome products and I can say without a doubt that these will now be something I reach for weekly. So lets get into my top picks for October. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder I have watched and read so many reviews about the Coty Airspun and I have to agree this is an amazing loose face powder. The powder texture is soft and silky, it give my skin a smooth look and it blends out beautifully. It’s long wearing. …

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    My Shopping Experience at Superbalist

    Hello Beauties,  I  received a voucher to experience shopping on the Superbalist website.  I have to confess I spent hours before I decided, even having top 5 picks I could still not decide. You can read my top 5 pick post here The experience was awesome and definitely one that I would like to share with you.  I placed my order on Sunday evening the 2nd October 2017. I received email confirming my order with estimated delivery 5 October 2017. The morning of the 4th October I received notification on the Superbalist App and SMS confirmation that my parcel is out for delivery. I was so excited and could not…

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    Fanola – I Lost My Heart on a Silver Shampoo

    Hi Beauties,  in my early thirties, to my absolute horror, grey hair decided to make an appearance. My first reaction was to pull them out but that was definitely not the solution. So I resorted in spending lots of money at the salon covering up the grey hair, however that is also not the solution as it is so expensive to maintain. About a year ago I made a decision to start embracing my grey hair as it is here to stay! I slowly started transitioning from dark brown to blond. I believe that grey hair could be camouflaged by blond much easier that the dark brown hair I was sporting. But…

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    Kylie Burgundy Palette Review and Giveaway

    Good day lovelies, I picked up the Kylie Burgundy Palette three month ago. However I could not get myself to use it. I know hey it’s crazy, the suspense was killing me. I could not wait to start using this palette and then it was like whoa…. buckle up buttercup it’s amazing and I now reach for this palette very often. Packaging The Kylie Burgundy Palette packaging is very chic and timeless and one thing is for sure it is very recognizable with the eyes and tear drops that represent some of colours in the palette.  Outer packaging is white glossy hard cardboard with a magnetic closure. The cardboard feels…

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